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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Difference between ancient school and the present school

My parents had lived quite well with the school because they hadn't a diference about the system of education. They studied in the same decade but If I compare the education of my parents with the education of my grandparents, I can see some diferences. When my grandparents were children, they had a lot of problems because they couldn't go to school. A lot of children couldn't go to school because his parents needs their to work in familly farms.

About 50 years ago, the school system was seen by rich children rich or potencially. In the 40s, after the civil war, the political sistem in Spain had a lot of changes. Franco achieved the government and many children couldn't go to school because they had to work with their families.
In the ancient school, the teaching metods was very stricts and if you didn't pay attention or you didn't have the works, they could punish with corporal punishment. It was usually that the teacher hit the children in their hands with a long ruler.
Every morning, it was usually than childrens and teachers went to the schoolyard to sing the Falange's hymn called "cara al sol". It's obvious that the ancient school was fascist, like the government and the political situation.

Actually, the school is a place to study and learn. Over the years new technologies have evolved and actually you can find in a school many computers, televisions and other electronic machines. In a lot of schools, the traditional blackboard it's just a thing of the past because in this centers, teachers use electronic blackboards and the students use netbooks instead of the traditional books. Frecuently, students use netbooks to search in internet about their studies. Internet is actually one of the best tools to search information.
Another difference about the ancient school and the present school is the religion. In ancient school you had study about the catholic religion because it was very important for the society. Actually, religion isn't required, but some private schools like catholic schools it's still bind study the catholic religion and his doctrine.

There are many differences but really I will not change the actually school before the ancient school. :) 

Laura Garcia


  1. hey guys :D
    really nice to see your blog.
    It's so much different now, than what it was before. Now adays the parents are much more stricter about the education, and thats like the most important thing.
    But, we hope to see you soon, and Merry christmas! Xoxo Cassandra, Marte and Charlotte.

  2. In Portugal physical punishment was also a common practice. The wooden ruler and the cane were two of the instruments used !It's positive that they no longer exist !

    Isabel ( Portugal)

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  5. It is nice to know about ancient and present schools

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